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Petition Signed by 500,000 people against Conservative deal with the Democrat Unionists in 24 hours


Online Petition Against Tory-DUP Alliance

An online petition condemning Theresa May’s plans to rule in coalition with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has gotten more than 500,000 signatures in one day.

At the time of writing, 503,880 people had put their name to the petition, which calls Tory attempts to make a deal with the DUP “a disgusting, desperate attempt to stay in power” and demands Ms May resigns after failing to secure a majority in the general election.

Talking about the means of Downing Street after the election result became clear, the Prime Minister said she would be attempting to form a minority government with the DUP supporting her in key votes on a “confidence and supply” basis. Since then a team of senior Tories, led by chief whip Gavin Williamson, is said to have traveled to Belfast for transactions with the DUP, and it has developed that the possibility of a formal coalition is on the table.

The Northern Irish party’s positions on issues including abortion, gay rights, and environmental change have driven many to denounce Ms. May for aligning herself with it.

The petition states: “Theresa May said there would not be a coalition of chaos. She is now forming a minority government with the DUP.

“Here is a list of DUP stances, in case you need a reminder: The DUP want to make it legal to discriminate against anyone from the LGBT community. The DUP want children to be taught creationism as scientific fact.

“The DUP want no woman to have access to any abortion, and furthermore criminalize anyone offering or seeking that service.

The DUP need to bring back capital punishment “Theresa May should resign This is a disgusting, desperate attempt to stay in power.”

The DUP is strongly opposed to gay marriage and has contended energetically against making abortion more accessible in Northern Ireland.

Commentators have blamed the Prime Minister for putting party enthusiasm in front of the national interest by banding together with the DUP when the British Government is going about as middle person trying to determine the stalemate over power-partaking in Northern Ireland.

With talks because of occurring between the DUP and Irish patriots Sinn Fein, observers have addressed how the Government will have the capacity to assume a nonpartisan part on the off chance that it is being propped up in Parliament by one of the two sides.

Tony Blair’s former communications director, Alastair Campbell, accused Ms May of “playing fast and loose” with peace in Northern Ireland.

“She is playing fast and loose, on Brexit, on Margaret Thatcher’s greatest achievement the single market and now Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s greatest achievement which is the peace in Northern Ireland,” he said on BBC Question Time. “She is putting that at risk with a sordid, dangerous distasteful deal.

“We have a situation in the Northern Ireland right now where there has been a political crisis where the Government is the mediator with the Irish government between the DUP and Sinn Fein.

“How can our government be the mediator when the DUP are going to be part of our government?”

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