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Pitbull sends his plane to Puerto Rico to transport cancer patients to the United States


The American rapper known as Pitbull sends his private plane to Puerto Rico for cancer patient so that they can receive treatment in the United States.

The congresswoman from Puerto Rican Jenniffer Gonzalez expressed his gratitude to the singer, whose real name is Armando Christian Perez, for his great deed on Twitter on Tuesday.

She said, “Thank you so much for you @pitbull lending your private plane to move patients from PR disease in the US for the purpose that they can get chemotherapy.”

He said his help for cancer patients was least he could do.


“Express gratitude to God that we are honored to offer help by simply doing my part,” he said in an announcement to the Daily News on Tuesday. Hurricane Maria crushed Puerto Rico, leaving the whole island uncontrolled.

The rapper based in Miami is remarkable for the chart-toppers including on the floor, I know you love me and give me everything.

Also, their philanthropy work related to training is perceived. In 2013, he opened a public contract school where he grew up.

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