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Rio 2016: Officials Just Lost the Keys to The Olympics


A door of Maracana Stadium which is the host venue of the Rio Olympics had to be forced open after organizers reportedly lost the key.

Julia Carneiro, a journalist in Rio de Janeiro, caught the happening on video outside the stadium, preceding Wednesday’s women’s football match amongst Sweden and South Africa.

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Two men depicted as “firefighters” are seen utilizing a couple of bolt cutters to tear the lock and open the door.

“What a start! #Rio2016 kicking off with lost key and firefighters forcing open lock to the east gate of Olympic stadium #oops,” Carneiro wrote.
In a tweet sent one hour before, Carneiro asserted that observers were compelled to line for up to two hours before being introduced another passage.

The occurrence, coming only two days before the opening service, will humiliate Olympic coordinators during a period of extraordinary investigation.
It was uncovered earlier this week that about 1,400 amphibian competitors were in danger of turning out to be viciously sick because of abnormal amounts of contamination in Rio’s waters.

Swimmers and different competitors who ingest only three teaspoons of water will in all likelihood contract infections that can bring about stomach and respiratory diseases.

1.3m tickets for the Games remain unsold, with demand lower than in past Summer Games, however around 500,000 of those tickets are for football matches based outside of Rio.

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