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Safe Galaxy Note 7 exploded on a Southwest flight


The Galaxy Note 7′s propensity to explode has been all around recorded over the past month. SAMSUNG started a global recall and supplanted faulty units with safe ones. There have been a few reports of issues with replacement units also. However, Samsung has attributed most of them to external factors. This might just be the first proper report of a safe Galaxy Note 7 exploding. A spokesperson for Southwest Airlines has affirmed that a flight from Louisville to Baltimore was evacuated this morning while it was still at the door because a Galaxy Note 7 unit caught fire and began smoking up the lodge. All passengers were evacuated through the main cabin door, and no INJURIES were reported.


The Verge spoke to the owner of the Galaxy Note 7 who affirmed that it was a replacement unit which was supposed to be safe.  He picked up his replacement at an AT&T STORE on September 21 when replacement inventory was made available in the United States. Brian Green, the owner, shared a photograph of the handset’s box which has a black square that denotes that the unit has a safe battery.


Green said he shut down the handset as requested by the cabin crew and set it in his pocket when it began smoking. He dropped the PHONE on the plane’s floor and “thick grey-green angry smoke” began leaving it quickly. His colleague went back into the aircraft after it was evacuated to retrieve some personal items and saw that THE PHONE had burned through the plane’s carpet and even scorched the subfloor.

Green included that the battery had around 80 percent run after when he shut down the phone and that he had just been charging it via a wireless charger since receiving the replacement. The handset was taken away by the Louisville Fire Department’s arson unit for examination. Samsung is yet to issue a remark on this incident.

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