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See the very first production Tesla Model 3


The first ever production Model 3 has rolled of Tesla’s assembly line, and into the possession of its owner – Elon Musk. The originator and CEO tweeted photos of the new vehicle, which he got because the genuine first pre-arrange client talented Musk his place in the queue as a birthday present

Musk also tweeted a fascinating bit of trivia about who gets dibs on the first edition of any new Tesla car:  It’s the main individual who pays the maximum for the vehicle. Musk earned that honor for the Roadster and Model X, but not for the Model S; he noted.his first production Model 3 is in black, a good callback to the original Model T from Ford, which famously came in any color you wanted, so long as it was black.

The Model 3 will have more paint options. However, it’s one of the not very many things clients will have the capacity to tweak on the vehicle, as Tesla is limiting options early to ease the production process.

As expected based on prototype models and early spy shots of the car, it looks basically like a shorter Model S, however with a comparative lively feel for a four-entryway car. Musk’s enormous uncover turned out poorly on specific points of interest, in any case, so despite everything so we’re still waiting on some of that info, like exact range beyond the minimum 215-mile spec.

Tesla noted as of late that its first clients beyond Musk could expect deliveries to start by around July 28, so that’s the date to look for more info.

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