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Seven Facts About The Most Amazing Part Of Body That Called “Brain”

facts about brain

Our brain performs a lot of important functions such as it stores memories, both good and bad. It controls our each and every movement and function of our bodies, and it still has some extra capacity to make us laugh and cry too. Here are some most amazing facts about the human’s brain, the thing that makes us all tick.

  1. Our brain takes up a lot of energy:

Although the fact that our brain only makes up 2% of our body weight, it uses up 20% of our energy, just to keep it going. It uses this power to maintain the health of brain cells and to fuel the electrical impulses that create a connection between the neurons in our brain.

  1. The brain can’t feel pain:

Brain control our nervous system, it is the solitary organ in the body that contains no nerves itself.

  1. You could light up a 25 watts bulb with your brain:

Your brain approximately requires 25 watts of energy to function. That is sufficient to power an average electric light bulb.

  1. The brain is fat:

The brain contains the highest concentration of fats, of any other organ in the human body. About 60% of the human brain consists of the fat and 75% of the total mass, is really water. That is the reason that drinking too much or too little water can affect the way that you think and feel.

  1. You need calories, for your brain:

For losing weight, a calorie controlled diet may be all well and good, but your brain consumes between twenty to thirty percent of your total calorie intake.

  1. Brain devoted to language and consciousness:

The neocortex is a part of our brain that is responsible for the language and consciousness, and that accounts for about 75% of our total brain.

  1. Reality is a subjective thing:

The reality for us is only what our brain perceives it to be. Mostly, our brain fools us into believing things, by filling in the gaps for us. The best example of this we can be found in the optical illusions, where our brain makes us see something, that isn’t really there.

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