Shape-Up Your Abs with 3 Exercises

Abs 3 Exercises

If you’re unwell of performing the planks for that feels like days, here we have a killer new way to spit your six-pack: “the hollow body progression”.
Andy Speer uses the drill in his exercises program, The Anarchy Workout a passionate fitness DVD that will assist you to dissolve fat just in less than a month and a half.
If you think that what makes the hollow body so valuable? “It’s a combination of movements that targets the same set of muscles in your core,” he further explains. “But each movement is slightly different and more challenging to enhance the endurance of your abs, make them stronger, and most importantly, make them visible.”
Watch the video below to give this six-pack sequence an attempt. On the first attempt, you may not be able to complete the entire sequence in just one shot. But relax just after a few workouts; you’ll notice an obvious improvement in your stamina and physique.

Video source: menshealth.

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