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Social Media Reacts To Kevin Durant’s Warriors Signing


Why was this so serious?

Because it has become the biggest sports news ever since this Decision.

In Short

Previous NBA MVP Kevin Durant declared his decision to the world that he is signing with the Golden State Warriors out of free agency, effortlessly making them the team to beat the coming season. The internet went all crazy about the announcement.

Long Story

Since the team has previously lost Lebron and four other guys, most probably, in the NBA finals, the Golden State Warriors had to bear being at the aim of countless jokes and good memes. But as often the Warriors have to face, the joke’s now on all the fans: Kevin Durant, ex- MVP and Very Good Basketball Man, declared his final decision yesterday afternoon about joining the Warriors next season. This sure make Warriors very best team in the NBA. As the news came out the internet went completely crazy about it.

Kevin Durant with his decision not only shocked his fans but also other NBA players were just as shocked as his fans were.


Own the Discussion

Raise the Question

As they have KD, can Warriors beat their own record now?

Disrupt Your Feed

The internet is going to break once Warriors lose their first game.

Drop This Fact

Kevin Durant continues his college in offseason, working towards his degree.








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