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Gnabry fancies Hoffenheim’s odds against Reds

The two teams meet for the first round of the main conflict at the Wiren Neckar arena, before challenging a … 0 157
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Zach Randolph Reportedly Arrested for Marijuana with Intent to Sell

Zach Randolph was apparently captured in Los Angeles on Wednesday night for ownership of marijuana with the aim to sell. … 0 135
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John Elway answers to rumors that Broncos are attempting to trade for a QB

It doesn’t resemble the Broncos quarterback rivalry will be getting a third contender. With the fight between Trevor Siemian and … 0 148
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NFL Headquarters: Spike Lee unveils Date for Colin Kaepernick Rally

Spike Lee reveals info on a rally in the help of Colin Kaepernick at NFL HQ in New York City … 0 140
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James Harrison Spends almost $300,000 a Year to Keep Body in Playing Shape

NFL player depends on his body to earn the living. Thus, many athletes invest much on maintaining health and recovery … 0 166