Survey discovers fans think anthem protests hurting NFL ratings


Many factors prompting to fans watching NFL games for some minutes this season, yet a survey was taken for the current week recommends they believe that dissents over the national anthem are the most dominant factor.

In a Seton Hall, Sports Poll released Thursday, 56 percent of those studied said they think fans are observing less due to the stand a few athletes are taking by not remaining amid the national anthem.


“It is somewhat remarkable that the impact of the national anthem protest seems to hold, given that the action occurs pregame and isn’t even televised,” survey executive Rick Gentile said.

At NFL owner’s meetings a week ago, Commissioner Roger Goodell told the media that he didn’t believe moves made amid the anthem, began by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to earn thoughtfulness regarding what he says is racial disparity and police severity, were one reason why evaluations fell around 11 percent when contrasted with the initial six weeks of last season.

Different factors that fans referred to as reasons individuals are viewing fewer minutes of football were: the presidential election (50 percent), oversaturation of games (44 percent), concentrating on postseason baseball (39 percent) and head INJURIES and the decay of play (33 percent). Seton Hall says the was taken for the current week from a measurably illustrative example of 841 grown-ups in the U.S.

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