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Taylor Swift Shows Off Wild Dance Moves As She Rocks In New Apple Music Ad

Taylor Swift

The highpoint of numerous awards shows is getting to watch Taylor Swift enthusiastically dance to other artists’ music. Now, fans can fob watch an entire nonstop minute of Swift’s wildest dancing.

The singer is showing off her wild look in a new commercial for Apple Music titled “Dance Like No One’s Watching.”

In the advertisement, she swivels around and runs her hands through her hair while lip-syncing to “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness.

Taylor Swift dances in a red tummy-bearing top, pants, and dark blazer, showing off her short bob.

It’s not Swift’s first advert for Apple Music. She also appears in an ad where she falls off a treadmill mid-workout.

Dance Like No One’s Watching.”: Taylor Swift shows off her moves as she rocks out to The Darkness in new Apple Music advert, Take a look below some dance steps photos below!

Swift still knows all the words: The superficial star sings along, and dances to The Darkness hit I Believe In A Thing Called Love.

In this spot: she forcefully falls into a couple of chairs and kicks her legs in the air, before the advert ends with her on the sofa, attaching out the lyrics to the song with her hands in her hair.

She also shared the new promo on her Twitter page on Thursday with the caption: ‘Dance like no one’s watching @AppleMusic @thedarkness.’

This is Taylor’s third ad with Apple Music to date – her first of which showed her falling flat on her face while on the treadmill.

‘I love a quiet night at home,’she says at the beginning of the minute-long promo.

Swift’s got the moves: and she rocks out while tossing her blonde hair around.

She goes all out as she does some air guitar before jumping onto the table.

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