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Ten reasons to pick the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 instead of iPhone 7 plus.


Apple announced the new iPhone 7 Plus Wednesday, and in spite of the fact that I will purchase one the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will probably remain the gadget to beat.


Here are 10 reasons to consider the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rather than the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

1.Fast charging: I can’t trust Apple hasn’t built up the innovation to energize the iPhone at a fast rate. Most new Android phones, even those in the $400 range, can energize in a brief timeframe.

2.Display: The iPhone display resolution (1920×1080) has dependably been not exactly the top of the line Samsung phones, yet it looks great, and I have no genuine dissensions. Nonetheless, the Note 7 right now has the best cell phone display, and it doesn’t resemble the new iPhone will match it. You likewise show signs of better screen to phone ratio with the Note 7, and it’s difficult to beat the experience of having sides with no screen bezel.

3.S Pen: Samsung keeps on enhancing the S Pen experience. It’s amazing to compose straightforwardly on the screen with the screen shut down when you have a speedy thought, and I’m using the S Pen like never before.

4.Water resistance: We finally see Apple adopting a few things that set Samsung apart, and with the iPhone 7 Plus, it includes IP67 water resistance. However, with an IP68 rating, the Note 7 beats the iPhone with the capacity for augmented inundation in deeper water.

5.Wireless charging: Samsung incorporates remote charging, as well as the Note 7 includes fast wireless charging technology that speeds up charging by a reported 30 percent. Wireless charging isn’t essential, yet it’s hard to beat the accommodation of only setting your phone down without bobbling for links.

6.Headphone jack: Apple called strategy to remove the headphone jack courageous. However, that is a striking articulation for removing a universal accessory port. Millions have spent a considerable measure of cash on high-end headphones with 3.5mm cables and need to keep utilizing them. Wireless headphones must be charged and still don’t offer the volume and clarity of wired earphones. You will get a connector in the container, yet you can’t charge up your iPhone and use your headphones at the same time.

7.microSD extension card: It’s awesome to see Apple keep on increasing the accessible inside capacity alternatives on the iPhone models and get rid of the flame 16GB entry level.  However, increasing the internal storage beyond the lowest-priced model comes at a high price. The Note 7 is offered with an ample 64GB of internal storage – with the capacity to effectively increase the capacity through cheap microSD cards.

8.Virtual reality: Samsung’s Gear VR headset gives a charming virtual reality experience for just $99. We’ve seen proceeded with improvement of new suppliers offering substance, and you can easily spend hours getting a charge out of the virtual world with a Note 7 and a Gear VR headset.

9.Samsung Pay: Apple Pay is an excellent remote payment system that keeps on seeing new money related foundations included routinely, yet Samsung Pay works in practically every area where an attractive fingerprint scanner is utilized.

10.Gorgeous design: This last reason is exceedingly subjective. However, I completely adore what Samsung has finished with these new Galaxy Note 7 phones with the metal edges, double bent edge screens, glass back, and glass front. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus is a pleasant bit of equipment too. However, it’s a major phone, and I’m not certain I need an option that is greater than the Note 7 in my pocket. iPhone proprietors additionally tend to wrap their phones for a situation, making the bundle much larger.

Samsung went with the same effective camera that it launched with on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which isn’t a terrible thing. Notwithstanding, Apple included a second camera the iPhone 7 Plus with the goal that you get more options for creativity. The double camera is something we’ve seen from LG. However, Samsung has yet to utilize such hardware in its devices.

I’m looking forward to those double stereo speakers on the iPhone 7 Plus. Samsung hasn’t invested much energy putting resources into the speakers on its gadgets.

Apple will offer a huge number of new iPhones, while Samsung will likewise offer a large number of new Galaxy Notes. Each has distinctive needs and cravings, so there isn’t one phone that is best for every one of us. Right now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 might be the best for me. Be that as it may stay tuned for my considerations on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus when my pre-request arrives.

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