The 1-Minute Workout Routine That Gets Your Chest And Arms Ripped


We all know that one minute is incredibly quick for an effective workout. But you can do this RIPTENSITY pushups chest and arms challenge anywhere, and anytime like before brushing your teeth in the morning or during your lunch break or when your dinner heats up.
Just imagine if you did this one-minute workout challenge twice a day, or even three to four times throughout the day. Those all minutes start to add up.
Now for a start at least do that a couple of times the week, and suddenly you have cranked out the hundreds more upper-body reps than you ever would have done during your typical week.
Here’s how it works:
Perform each of these four pushup variations for 15 seconds without stopping. Count your reps.
Kick through pushup
Plank walk pushup
Bear plank to pushup
Archer pushup

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