The Coolest Eyeglasses For Men To Buy

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As per the stats by the Vision Council of America, about 75 percent Americans use some form of eye correction. While most people use eyeglasses for functionality, there are some who use glasses as an active piece of the fashion wear. But what if you find a pair that fits both? We have rounded up here some of the coolest eyeglasses for men that are on the top list of the year’s eyeglasses.

From chamberlain clear crystal to Winston antique shade fade and Gilbert Whiskey Tortoise Shell Glasses, there’s a wide variety of branded eyewear to choose from. Simply tap the given link to buy you favorite pair of eyeglasses at an economical price.

Choose Right Frame For Your Face:

For Square Face: Oval or round frames with soft or round lines will be a nice contrast.

For Round Face: Rectangular or square frame is fine, but avoid harsh lines that emphasize roundness.

For Oval Face: Choose a frame broader than the widest part of your face and avoid anything that unbalances the proportion.

For Heart Face: Round frames can easily complement the wide forehead and heart face.

Chamberlain Clear Crystal Eyeglasses

Price: $95

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