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These 12 Tech skills that most employers want today

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When you come in dream career of tech, there’s some obstacle that you need to pass first: Firstly getting someone to call you from your CV, job application or LinkedIn profile.

So Bentley University uses big data to examine workers skills trends and set proper structure about answering what skills are most in demand in the tech sector. Here’s they examined around 25 million US job postings to find out.

And they also set up a list of top 12 skills employers out of thousands that what they actually want from employees. Below we have rounded up the list of tech skills that the employers want in their employees. Keep scrolling to see the top 12 tech skills employers that they want today.

12: Process Improvement

Skill/ job Keyword: Process Improvement

Average salary: $82,213

And nowadays the demand has increased for that skill: 69%

Total number of job openings for that skill: 209,771

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