Tom Wopat Accused With Sticking Finger In Woman’s Butt


Tom Wopat supposedly snatched a lady’s butt and put his finger between her butt cheeks, and that is the reason he was arrested for felony indecent assault.

As indicated by the police report, Wopat was rehearsing his show, “42nd Street,” at the Reagle Theater in Waltham, MA on July 23 when a lady on the set cases he strolled behind her, and she felt his hand grab her butt. She additionally says she felt his fingers go between her butt cheeks.

She griped to one of the honchos about the occurrence, and Wopat was gone up against. As indicated by the police report, he denied touching the woman and said, “F*** them all.”


There are 2 other incidents mentioned in the police report, both occurring during rehearsals. In one case a lady says he came up from behind her and wrapped his arm around her hip and lower abdomen, maneuvering her into him. In another instance, a woman says he peeled the sunburned skin off her arm.

When Wopat was arrested Wednesday, he told cops at the station he did not inappropriately touch anyone, yet reviewed a period he was situated, and one of the ladies strolled by him and he “gently touched her hip” and said to her, “I like the way you work.” Wopat advised cops he is a tease and likes to be cordial, yet never did anything untoward.

Concerning the drug charge, cops say when they booked Wopat they found a plastic bag containing what they accept was cocaine in his front pocket, along with a blue straw. Cops say they searched Wopat’s vehicle and discovered baggies inside, one of which contained what they accept is likewise cocaine.

The police report likewise says one of the honchos in the show criticized Wopat for appearing to rehearsal under the influence.

TMZ broke the story, Wopat was summoned Thursday and pled not blameworthy for felony indecent assault and battery as well as a misdemeanor drug possession charge.

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