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Top 4 Wallets Every Man Should Have


The wallet is one of the most popular men accessories because, besides the fact that it is a noticeable detail, we cannot deny its usefulness for keeping your money and cards. So before you go searching for the perfect wallet for you, read about all the different types of wallets, so you know what you’re looking for.

1. The travel wallet

If you need a little more space, the bigger traveling wallet with a lanyard is the best solution for you. This sort of wallet has a lot of compartments where you can place and organize not only your money and card but the passport and personal hygiene items as well.

2. The classic wallet

The classic wallet model is tough, safe and never goes out of fashion. It’s made from hard natural leather, and it’s generally available in black and brown, but there are other popular colors too.

3. The thin wallet for documents

Some popular wallet brands this season presented the classic wallet model in a bid bolder version, often in camouflage print. Even though it has the classic shape, the inside of this wallet is expanded with additional compartments for better safety of credit cards and personal documents.

4. The business card wallet

This wallet model originates from Great Britain. It’s very simple and has clear lines because of its functionality. It’s very popular, especially among businessman.


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