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Trump Jr. slams liberal universities.


Donald Trump Jr. slammed universities and colleges of the United States during a speech in Alabama, blaming teachers for showing their students “how to become a true fascist.”


Speaking at a benefit dinner, President Trump’s eldest son said the ads, for example, “we need fringes” or “our founders were extraordinary individuals” speech of contempt in certain colleges.


“We’ll teach you how to pretend to be an anti-fascist and how to become an actual fascist,” said Trump Jr. on Thursday.


Trump Jr. also assaulted the administrators and staff of the college for what he interpreted as a refusal to respond to requests for student groups.


They “gave up trying to take control of the frantic,” said Trump Jr.


Trump Jr. blamed the universities for encouraging a political atmosphere that allowed the president’s supporters to hesitate to admit that they detained him.


“I was surprised by the public who came to see me and told me that he would vote for my father,” Trump Jr. told the group.


Such contempt shifted to the “socially satisfying,” he said, before saying the picture of comedian Kathy Griffin with a dissolved false head that resembled President Trump.


The overall admission for the occasion was $ 150, and the top-ranked fans could bring a photo with Trump Jr.


Trump Jr.’s speech was an exhausted annual pledge campaign for Faulkner University, a private school of humanities in Montgomery, Alaska. Trump Jr. accounted for approximately 35 minutes.

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