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Trump Lashes the mayor of Puerto Rico


Donald Trump slammed the mayor of San Juan on condemning the efforts of his administration’s efforts in helping Puerto Rico after Hurricane Mary, blaming it for “bad leadership” and suggesting that the island lacks power and has limited service of cell phones and the fuel.

In a progression of Twitter messages from his New Jersey golf club, where he spends the weekend, Mr. Trump dismissed the statements from the mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, as a policy and witnessed that his organization had composed a reaction from government workers that doing the impressive job.

Mr. Trump said his failures in Puerto Rico should not depend entirely on the federal government. “They need everything I can to improve the situation where it should be a group effort,” he writes. “10,000 federal specialists now on the island making an impressive compared to the army and docs on call, although not electric, roads, telephones, etc., have made an impressive compared to Puerto Rico was destroyed.

The apparent throwback of reaction to the tropical storm in Puerto Rico, a particularly American region contrasts with the government’s response to the storms in Texas and Florida undermined to end a political calamity significantly for Mr. Trump while the experts compared with President George W Bramble’s treatment of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Mr. Trump turned between the articulations of the resolution and concern for perspective and recriminations against failures in the other.

Ms. Cruz became a grievous voice on Friday when he went on television to discuss aid and to reject Trump’s claims about how well he was reacting. She was exasperated by the statements made by Elaine Duke, the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, he said on Thursday that he was “a really uplifting news about our ability to communicate with people and passages by default” the tropical storm.

“It’s hell, these are not encouraging news,” Cruz told reporters.


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Ms. Duke made a trip to Puerto Rico on Friday and tried to hide the fold, arguing that the circumstances on the ground “not pleasant.”

Ms. Cruz, a member of the People’s Democratic Party, who advocates maintaining the status of the island region, was dismantled on CNN on Friday night to continue their prayers to offer help.

“People are drinking rivers here in San Juan,” Cruz said with a black shirt that said, “Help us, we’re dying,” said host Anderson Cooper. “You have people who are in structures and become confined to their structures – the elderly, resigned from people who simply do not have the power. ”


No fewer than 16 people have been in Puerto Rico as a result of the typhoon, although this number could increase.

“We’re biting the dust here,” Cruz said. “We are dying here”: SOS if someone can hear us if Mr. Trump can hear us if just finished and we launched up. ”

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