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Trump launches infrastructure initiative with fake signing ceremony


Donald Trump, an aficionado of spectacles and spotlights, has a habit of signing executive orders that don’t do anything. The president likes to show up before cameras and give the presence of work, yet in almost every occurrence, Trump’s “accomplishments” are minimal more than political theater.

Recently, be that as it may, offered a somewhat outrageous case of the wonder. The president declared his support for privatizing America’s arrangement of airport regulation, and as the New York Times reported, the decision was accompanied by a ridiculous White House display.

At an East Room occasion that was choreographed like the intricate functions for enacting major legislation, Mr. Trump signed a memo and letter to Congress outlining his principles for overhauling the nation’s air traffic control system. He passed out pens to legislators who had been welcome to go to and delighted in a few rounds of applause. However, Mr. Trump’s announcement did not have any binding effect….

It had every one of the trappings of a major bill-signing ceremony – Trump even encircle himself with Republican individuals from Congress, who were just excessively satisfied, making it impossible to acknowledge stylized pens – aside from the president didn’t sign any legislation. There wasn’t even an official request. Time magazine revealed that a White House assistant told journalists Trump had marked an “a decision memo and letter transmitting legislative principles to Congress.”

A “decision memo” doesn’t exist in any formal sense; it’s only a record in which the president reported he chooses to bolster a thought. The “letter transmitting authoritative standards,” for this situation, was Trump’s method for asking Congress to do something.

As such, Trump World put on a show yesterday –foundation – part of a public-relations kickoff of the White House’s purported interest in infrastructure – which signified practically nothing.

The debate over whether to privatize air-traffic control will, apparently, now begin in earnest in Congress, where many noticeable Republicans have officially joined Democrats in voicing distrust about settling an issue that doesn’t exist. Furthermore, what of Trump’s broader infrastructure plan?

The president vowed to unveil this plan in May, but his aides are now telling reporters an official blueprint is still months away. We do, in any case, have a feeling of what the Trump organization has at the top of the priority list: the president’s vision includes “sharply curtailing the federal government’s funding of the nation’s infrastructure and calling upon states, cities, and corporations to shoulder most of the cost of rebuilding roads, bridges, railways and waterways.”

As a candidate, Trump voiced support for a $1 trillion infrastructure overhaul and criticized Hillary Clinton’s plan for not spending nearly enough money on this national priority. The White House has now flagged that the $1 trillion arrangement will never exist, and Team Trump plans to downsize federal efforts to improve the nation’s infrastructure.

In fact, the Trump organizations recently disclosed federal budget plan eyes cut to infrastructure spending, which is opposite the Republican president vowed to do if elected.

Congressional Democrats, who considered this to be one of the key issues on which there could be bipartisan cooperation, are now effectively giving up, perceiving that everything Trump said he had faith regarding framework was, for all intents and purposes, a lie.


Fraud signing ceremonies may make Trump feel better, but if he’s counting on having a real signing ceremony on an infrastructure package, the president should probably start lowering his expectations.

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