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Trump tweets “help” legal case against it, Lawyer challenging travel ban


One of the lead lawyers in a lawsuit challenging President Trump’s travel ban welcomed the president’s “help” Monday morning in the pending case.

Trump started tweeting Monday that his official request banishing natives from six lion’s share Muslim nations from entering the United States was a “travel ban,” even after individuals inside his administration denied that it constitutes a ban.

“It’s [sic] kinda odd to have the defendant in HawaiivTrump [sic] acting as our co-counsel. We don’t need the help but will take it!” Neal Katyal, the lawyer defending the restraining request on the travel ban, tweeted Monday.

In March, state government lawyers in Hawaii petitioned for a temporary restraining order hindering the revised travel ban.

The Trump organization asked the Supreme Court Thursday to rethink the travel boycott by documenting two crisis applications trying to stop two lower-level court rulings, including the case in Hawaii, which shut down Trump’s March 6 executive order.

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