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Trump warns Comey with provocative reference to “tapes.”

Donald Trump, Chris Christie

Donald Trump had the most recent in a progression of Twitter fits of rage today, which wouldn’t conventionally be particularly remarkable, aside from this one included what seemed, by all accounts, to be a provocative danger:

“James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!”

As 19-word presidential messages go, this might end up being very weighty.


At first glance, Trump’s tweet has all the earmarks of being a not subtle provocation against the former FBI director, whom the president dismissed this week because of Trump’s opposition to Comey’s investigation into the Russia scandal. This, all by itself, is incredibly improper and of questionable legality.

Without a doubt, the way that the president is openly cautioning a potential observer to stay calm just adds to worries about Trump conceivably discouraging justice. Norm Eisen, the chief ethics lawyer in the Obama White House, portrayed the president’s tweet at the beginning of today as a possible crime. In any case, then there’s that reference to “tapes.”

The word honestly shows up in quotes – and we realize that the president hasn’t the foggiest thought how quotes function – so it’s conceivable that Trump wasn’t strict. It’s likewise conceivable that Trump just uncovered the presence of recordings he has of private discussions.

If such tapes exist, obviously, they can be subpoenaed, either by Congress or by government agents. It was the disclosures about Richard Nixon’s recordings at the stature of the Watergate scandal that denoted the start of the finish of his presidency.

I’m searching for a modifier that catches the franticness that is unfurling in our White House. However, I’m anxious words fail me.

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