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Trump wrongly said that he spoke the “president” of the Virgin Islands instead of saying “Governor.”


President Donald Trump inadvertently mentioned the governor of the Virgin Islands as its president in the middle of a speech on Friday.

“I will tell you I left Texas and I left Florida, and I left Louisiana and I went to Puerto Rico and I met with the President of the Virgin Islands,” he said in voters summit ​​in Washington.

“We are a nation, and together we all suffer, we hope together and find ourselves together,” he said, and then included: “The Virgin Islands and the President of the Virgin Islands, these are people that are incredible people, severely endured and we there, we will be there, really, it’s not even a matter of choice. ”


Trump was actually referring to the governor of the Virgin Islands Kenneth Mapp, instead of the “president” who is Trump himself. The Virgin Islands are in American Domain.

He was referring to how the Virgin Islands was hit by Hurricane Irma, then Hurricane Marie, which stormed the island.

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