What To Say When Your Girlfriend Asks How Many Women You Have Slept With?


Whether you are a master of love game or just a newcomer in it, there is a very simple way to mollify your girlfriend when she is suspicious about your previous affairs.

It’s not uncommon for guys to hearing this question from girlfriends: “how many women you have been with?” or “how many women you have had sex with?”

This question leads to some other questions arising in a gentleman’s mind. “Whether I should answer it honestly?” It’s not like an army, but it’s more than a few. And, “Do I want to know the same from my lady?”  Or “If she tells me she has been with the whole football family, Would I be okay to accept it?”

It’s better for your relationship that it base on honesty and not deception. So, come up with a random or rough numbers rather than a specified one. Specific means you remember each and every partner, but a rough number means that except of the woman sitting in front of you at the time, they were all completely forgettable.

You know what? There’s something worse than having too many lovers. That is having too few. A sex therapist revealed that he has never worked with a couple who have split up because of having too many partners, but he has worked with couples in which one partner (often the woman) has broken it off because she feels she has not had enough sexual experiences.

So, don’t worry about the numbers, they didn’t mean anything. Whether she’s your 5th love or 50th, just treat her like she’s number 1. And never ask a woman about her tally, and never be honest. Tell her you can’t remember the number because ever since you met her, no woman has even counted.

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