Why You’re Not Rich?


The multi-state Powerball lottery game reached a record high jackpot of $1.5 billion, in January 2016. If you’re reading this article right now, probabilities are you were not one of the winners. Unfortunately, many people have a lottery mentality in that they have confidence in the only way they could possibly be rich is to win a large lottery prize.
The fact is saying that anyone is capable of being rich in this world. According to many self-made millionaires, becoming rich and building wealth is not based on the luck of the draw—it is just up to you and your state of mind about money. It’s not about why you can’t be rich? It is about the reasons why you’re not rich. Here are some of the reasons that why you are not going to rich.

1. You think that being rich is a privilege reserved for others and not you.
Luckily we live in a capitalist society, which means you have a much chance to earn wealth as well as you are willing to put in the effort to create the value of money.

2. You shouldn’t think that you are not smart enough.
An absence of a formal education has rarely ever held back successful people. The founders of Facebook, ALDI, Luxottica, IKEA, Microsoft, and Dell Computers were all either college dropouts or never even attended college.

3. You shouldn’t think that you’re not capable of being rich because you’re not ambitious.
Rich people have any more desire to be rich than you do, and they aren’t any more ambitious. They have more confidence in themselves to make their dreams come true. To become rich on your own, you need to believe in yourself more.

4. You focus on saving money versus earning more of it.
Please don’t misunderstand this. It is the reality that rich people save their money too, but they don’t just put it in the bank in a low-interest savings account. They save their money cleverly in ways that will earn them more through investments with higher returns.

5. You think the only way to make more money is to work more hours.
Of course! That’s clear if you get salaried by the hour, and you place in some overtime, you’ll earn a few more cash in your next paycheck. But that’s not the right way to gain wealth, though. Rich people always look at ways to find results to problems that will earn them income. Being rich that isn’t based on how many hours you punch in on the time-clock.

6. You’re afraid to fail.
Many of the richest self-made persons have failed at something before hitting it big. Please don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Just give those failures as learning steps along the way to achievement. Failure is a teacher and not an end-all.

7. You’re not hanging out with the right people.
It is the reality that we all love our friends. But, if your friends have poor mentalities, then it right to hanging out with them because they aren’t going to help you. Rich people friend with other rich people not because they’re name-droppers, but because they learn from them and lean on each, if you want to be rich, be nearby rich people and take notes.

8. You believe that life is supposed to be a struggle.
That’s true, People have been skilled to be grateful for what they have, but it doesn’t mean they should slow down for it. Rich people struggle for more, and you also must too.

9. You believe money is evil.
Some people think that the money is evil, but money is not bad. Money is fundamental need to buy the necessary things we necessity to live. Although to the rich, money is more than that. Money is a helpful tool that can be used to earn more money, give them the choice of freedom to do what they want, and allow them to live the worry-free life.

10. You resent the rich.
Many people rely on rich person that they are liars, scam artists, crooks, liars, spoiled, mean narcissists who should be rounded up. You don’t want to be rich for the reason that means you would be selling out your soul. The point is that many of them are very generous people who make a contribution much of their money and time too valuable aids and causes.
In the place of changing your mentality about money and understanding why you’re not rich, we recommend you to reading Steve Siebold’s book, How Rich People Think. Steve is a self-made millionaire person, who has interviewed around 1,200 wealthy people and brought together their thoughts and advice in his writings.

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