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Wolves, others ask about Knicks’ Derrick Rose


The Minnesota Timberwolves have contacted the Knicks as of late to talk about potential exchanges for New York point monitor Derrick Rose.

Rose, a free agent this summer, played for seven seasons under ebb and flow Timberwolves and ex-Chicago Bulls mentor Tom Thibodeau.

It is indistinct what Minnesota would offer in a possible exchange for Rose. Sources say the Timberwolves are roused to exchange veteran point monitor Ricky Rubio, as group president and mentor Thibodeau sees tenderfoot Kris Dunn as the point guard of the future for Minnesota.

The Timberwolves, sources say, are among a few groups to contact the Knicks approaching about potential exchanges for Rose.  The NBA exchange due date is Thursday at 3 p.m. ET.

Rose, in his first season in New York, is averaging 17.7 points per game on 46 percent shooting in 48 games. He has missed time due to back fits and an ankle injury. However, Rose’s knees, which made him lose significant parts of recent seasons, have been healthy.

Knicks president Phil Jackson exchanged for Rose the previous summer, the first move made to order a list that the association sought would contend for a playoff spot.

The Knicks (23-34) have struggled thus far. They are four recreations out of eighth place in the Eastern Conference and have lost seven of their past 10 games.


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