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You May Destroying Your Health In Some Surprising Ways


When we get older, we start realizing the importance of the basics such as daily exercise, a diet plentiful with fruits and veggies, etc. But this is not all we need to be in the prime living state. Consider this as a wake-up call from your future self.

Here are seven things you are doing now that will wreck your health later.

Not getting enough physical touch:

Not getting hugs? Consider the benefits of physical affection it lowered heart rates, raised oxytocin levels, and heck and it feels really good!

Good plan: Get a gentle full body massage. Try to hold frequently your partner’s and children’s hands. Hug your loved ones. Be intimate with your partner.

Not stretching:

Flexibility isn’t a thing made just for yoga gurus. Stretching is vital or everyone as it brings blood to your muscles and it increases your joint flexibility. Stretching warmed muscles a two times a week may help ward off injury. Your future self-desires you to remain active for lifelong, and stretching may avert injuries from recurring activities such as typing, texting and even walking.

Game plan:  Must talk to your health provider about how to incorporate stretching into your life.

Not forgiving:

You were victimized. You know it. And above of all God knows it. But not forgiving people who have offended you can be as perilous to your health as any major stressful event.

Forgiveness doesn’t indicate that what happened to you is OK. But forgiveness says that you are letting go of any influence that the hurt has in your life. As your future self, needs you feel free to form your past and present stress.

Game plan: So decide to forgive one person today. Pray for him or her right now. Let go of umbrage.

Not getting your 7+ hours sleep:

Losing sleep because of family responsibilities isn’t a sign of love and care for your family. Not getting enough sleep is just not taking care of you. Future you want you to know that the long-term effects of sleep deprivation aren’t good, it can lead to an impaired immune system, being more accident prone and weight

Game plan: make a time table for getting sufficient sleep least 7-8. And go ahead and take a little nap!

Not connecting with others:

Emotional connection is a super-vitamin. It can heal. It creates the positive energy. Physiologically it is necessary. This link found on your smartphone isn’t going to cut it. In fact, healthy connections decrease the overall pain we experience in your lives.

Game plan: To refuel, schedule your time daily to spend time with your loved ones.

Not teasing your mind:

Jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, playing a musical instrument, learning a new language or picking up a new skill these are the things that can help challenge and uphold communication between the cells in our mind. The daily mind stimulation keeps your brain active and healthy. Because your future wants you to a lifelong learner.

Game plan: Try something new today! Challenge your mind.

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