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Your Extra Pounds May Cause A Poor Memory, Finds Research


Your extra pounds may be messing up with your memory as well as your belts. Having a higher body mass index (BMI) could negatively impact your memory, a new research from the University of Cambridge finds.

The study found that the overweight participants (with a BMI greater than 25) scored lower on test of memory than normal weight participants (with a BMI less than 25) did.

The researchers are not yet sure why a high BMI holds back your brain performance, but they believe that fat is likely the key driver. It may have to do with fat’s effect on your insulin levels, says study author Lucy Cheke.

“Too much fat spikes levels of this hormone out of control, which messes with the signaling between neurons in your brain. When this process is disrupted, your cognitive performance can take a hit,” says Cheke.

However, the researchers point out that it might not be that fat causes memory problem, but people with poor memory are more likely to put on more weight.

For instance, if you took your meal without really focusing on it, you might be more likely to overeat the next time food is placed in front of you. Your focus may be interrupted by something on your TV or mobile phone, or anything else.

The only thing that can work in this scenario is to find a way to make your meal memorable. “The better you remember them, the less hungry you’ll feel later on,” Cheke says.

Go ahead and post your dinner on Instagram. A study in the International Journal of Consumer Studies found that snapping food photos was beneficial to dieters because it gave more time to reflect on the nutritional value of what they were about to eat.


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