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Youth football players kneel during the national anthem


Youth football team in Illinois looked at the national anthem before one of his games during the weekend in a dissident led by Colin Kaepernick.

Each player from the 8-and-under football team, Cahokia Quarterback Club, participated in the pre-Sunday Challenge in Belleville.

“One of the children asked if I saw dissenting and disgusting people in St. Louis, “I said yes, and I said,” Do you know why they do it? ”

Mentor Gooden said the player reacted, “because dark men move killed and no one can incarcerate.”

“I felt it was a good minute to show me the circle and have a meeting,” said Gooden.

In the wake of the revelation that Kaepernick bowed during NFL’s national song of devotion to NFL amusements last season to raise the severity and racial disparity of the police, Gooden said one of the children asked they could “do” that. He said that as long as they already knew why they bowed, he had no problem.

“What I teach my children is love, righteousness, reliability, reasonableness, respect, and limits,” he said.

The people of the players apparently defended the choice of the mentor.

“For whatever period, I have the support of my people and my group, I am perfectly well, and I am protected under the First Amendment to dissent and gently gather, Gooden said.

Support shows for Kaepernick have followed the NFL this season, including this past Sunday by Seahawks Michael Bennett.

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