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You’ve Probably Never Heard before About These 10 Entrepreneurs That Who Really Are Changing The World

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Silicon Valley is talking about the change in the world by launching new technologies. But most startups don’t do anything quite that dramatic however some of them do.

March 2016, will be a good time to look over the tech landscape to pinpoint the ones on track to change the business world, mostly the area of enterprise computing, and the tech that runs our companies.

And the Dell has done its third-annual Founders 50 list. This is a list of global startups that are “disrupting their respective industries and poised to be household names in the coming years,” as Dell describes them.

Here we’re not sure that they’re going to become household names like Microsoft or Google. But we are sure that they are developing some interesting and game-changing technologies worth watching this year and beyond. Keep reading to see top 10 startups

10- Qowisio: bringing smart devices onto the internet. It is a French company that’s building a network to connect Internet of Things devices.

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