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Zach Randolph Reportedly Arrested for Marijuana with Intent to Sell

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Zach Randolph was apparently captured in Los Angeles on Wednesday night for ownership of marijuana with the aim to sell.

Randolph was one of three individuals who were kept as a component of a rowdy scene that saw six cop autos get vandalized.

Randolph was accepted to have a plan to sell because of the substantial measure of Maryjane purportedly in his ownership. Randolph had “roughly two pounds” of pot on him and that it was in a “large backpack.”


It was accounted for that police reacted to the Nickerson Gardens lodging venture in South Los Angeles because of a group of individuals drinking, smoking pot and obstructing the road.


By then, three people were seen going after their belts. While one individual was addressed and discharged, two others were recuperated from a lodging unit and captured. As Per Randolph’s reserving data, he was being hung on $20,000 bails.

The Randolph is a two-time All-Star who spent the previous eight seasons with the Memphis Grizzlies.

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